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small & independent

Creatorz Deitz is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vallée de Joux (VD), Switzerland. We are a team of creatives with various backgrounds and experiences. We do not limit ourselves to any particular business area or any single type of client, but rather make an effort to work with large, international corporations as well as with small startups and entrepreneurs. This versatility gives us a unique perspective and the ability to work on different types of products and to provide a range of services.

our focus

main services

Due to our different background and expertise, we provide a range of services in the fields of product design, graphic design, product presentation, web design & development, and architectural visualization.

In addition, for the new brands, or brands that need refurbishment, we offer brand identity, brand communication and content update. Our aim is to completely round up the process and to nurture the collaboration, since we can design, develop and control all the steps in brand building or product creation.

Our services are divided in three main activities:


  • Product Design
  • Graphic & Web Communication
  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Methodology of Design
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  • Visual Communication
  • 3D Visualization
  • Product Presentation
  • Architectural 3D Views
  • Prototyping
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  • Motion Design
  • Product Video Presentation
  • Architectural Video Presentation
  • Web & Digital Media
  • Corporate Presentation
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who we are

( alphabetically )

We passionately believe in the power of ideas, and their ability to inspire and motivate.
With well-directed ideas, we believe our world can be thoughtful, humane, and ultimately beautiful.
These values make the essence of our creations.


cgi generalist / motion design

With an extensive experience, working on high profile projects and strong organizational skills Alex extracts full value from the substance. Alex consistently demonstrate passion, drive and ambition and find ways to move the quality at higher level.


cgi generalist / animation

With a Exceptional understanding of 3D he accepts creative and technical challenges and finds solutions to ensure a top-quality product. Nenad developed multidisciplinary interests and has large experiences in visual effects industry.


motion graphic animator

Nemanja Ivanovic is a creative enterprise that creates cutting edge, contemporary design and motion graphics. With every project he enjoy being submerged in the design process, pushing beyond our boundaries to deliver the best product he can.

Vladimir Petrovic


concept design / product design

With an education in the field of Industrial Design and Design Research, Vlad has strong theoretical background, as well as, an ability to execute. He is systematic, enthusiastic and immersed in concept exploration in interdisciplinary and cross-culturally projects.


architecture / product design

With the education of architecture and with immerse technical experience he is focused on sustainability and balance. Zel is interdisciplinary designer, passionate with detail, with special expertise of architectural and industrial design principles and practices.

our clients

big, small, international & domestic

Creatorz Deitz is a studio fuelled by several passionate people, who don’t limit themself to any particular business area or any single type of client. Rather, we try to work both with international corporations and small startups and entrepreneurs. Brands showed below are some of the first examples of the successful application of our business model: