540 Magnum Sapphire

Rebellion 540 Magnum

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Rebellion Timepieces is the well know brand in the world of timepieces, and especially in a world of extraordinary watches that pursuit quality and performance. The Rebellion 540 Magnum Sapphire edition is no exception. At the heart of the 540 Magnum is an original manufacture movement, dominated by an oversized flying tourbillon. The very latest materials – carbon fiber, titanium and aluminium – add rigidity, lightness and exceptional performance to this monumental timepiece. All shielded within a complex and masculine case, also of carbon fiber. And to present such a remarkable piece on a Baselworld 2015 we had quite a task – how to demonstrate the power, performance and quality in a simple but effective way?

Speed, Power, Assembling and High-detailing was our direction.

Movement & Tourbillon

REB-T14 Calibre Animation

Original manufacture calibre, the REB-T14 stands out from the crowd with its volume, high tech features and exceptional performance. Every detail expresses and embodies a passion for motorsport. From the intense design playing on light and shadow. To the high-tech materials – aluminium, titanium, and carbon fiber – offering exceptional lightness and rigidity.

Sapphire & Beyond

540 Magnum Case Animation

The new 540 Magnum Tourbillon features a sapphire crystal case that pushes the art to extreme limits. It took 47,600 minutes of diamond grinding, that is 99 business days, to extract the eight elements that make up the case of the 540 Magnum Tourbillon from specially cut sapphire blocks. It was a mad idea that took the magic of transparence to new heights.