Bally Timepieces

Concept Proposals

The aim of this project was creation of the new luxury timepieces that will hold Bally brand and add a new layer to their fashion line. Bally is well-known luxury fashion brand and internationally recognized for their shoe-making heritage, high-quality materials and extreme level of detailing. Following these values, we are presenting two timepiece concepts inspired by Bally World.

Behind the Concepts

Dial & Case Design

Bally fashion lines, whatever if these are shoes, snickers, bags or belts, connect several important visual elements: three-lined strap usually made in deep red & white color combination, dark quality leather contrasted with bright colored details, “B” symbol and hand-crafted build. Our idea behind concepts was to translate these elements into our dial and case designs – to create dials that will instantly show the Bally look and feel, even without the Bally logo and symbol – modern indexes made like three-lined strap, bold numbering, bright fresh colors, high-quality materials and leather straps. In addition, with case designing we went towards minimal and elegant look – simple modern lines, detailed material finishing and rose gold as a main case material.

1st Proposal

Case & Dial Variations
Second Dial Direction

2nd Proposal

Dial & Case Design

Movement Concept

Caliber Design