La Bière Du Temps

La Bière Du Temps

Concept Proposal

The aim of the project was creation of visual identity for the new Lausanne brewery. La Bière Du Temps is the name of the premium craft beer and the concept that would connect the world of timepieces and the world of craft beers.


Logo & Symbol

Graphical Elements

In collaboration with the brewery, after several different concepts, we have decided to choose the simplest graphical approach, yet easily recognisable and versatile for various applications. Since the complete visual identity for a brewery requires the vast list of different applications and promotional materials, the modern typography in connection with simple and elegant symbols has been chosen as having the strongest impact.

Label & Packaging

0,33 Glass Bottle

The label design follows the question that was set with logo and symbol design – How to visuals the passing of time and beer? Our direction is hourglass cutting and beer in between – nothing less, nothing more.