Leyton Residential Area

Leyton Residential Area

by CI-Leman

Architectural visualization for a block of collective residential buildings located in the territory of Leytron, Switzerland. The project has been developed by studio of architecture Atelier1912  who have been evolved in every part of process. At the end we made series of renders which had been used in marketing and promotional purposes.

A Parking Lot

Exterior Visualization

As an innovative and modern studio, we love accept challenges and always experiment with new technologies and techniques. Here, the end result is an interesting piece of work which skillfully integrates both photography and 3D rendering.

Terraces & Windows

Interior & Exterior Visualization

In addition to exterior visualization, we have also been focusing on terraces and interior segments by making models, materials and textures for elements such as benches, chairs, and other products for everyday living, all in a purpose of giving more human and natural feeling to visuals.

Landscape & Surrounding

Exterior Visualization

In the renderings we have also made the environment that match realistic conditions with large fields of vineyards and other vegetation. In this area, environment still retains a lot of the original landscape.