Windward Tourbillon

Montandon & Co.

Visual Presentation

Montandon Windward Tourbillon is the first timepiece in this line of exceptional timepieces which was designed to be worn both on land or sea. It’s design combines specific elements of style and sophistication found on yachts destined for the high seas together with the culture of Haute Horlogerie. Having this idea in mind, our job was to visualize and present this extraordinary timepiece with its prime predicate: “adventurer of the seas.” And to achieve the task successfully, we have closely worked with Daniel Montandon during development and production phases of Windward Tourbillon. This allowed us to grasp the DNA of this timepiece and presented the Windward TMA01 V1 of MONTANDON&Co with it’s unique code of marine timekeeping. The outcome was presented of BaselWorld Fair 2018, Montandon website and other social media.

In the Spirit of Superyachts

Case & Dial Visualization

The case that houses the TMA01 V1 movement was also completely developed and manufactured in house. Fully conceived and designed in the spirit of the brand, it comprises a high degree of sophistication with over 35 components required to assemble it. From each of the uniquely shaped case screws that seal the anti-glare treated sapphire glass with the watch’s casing to its special crown, everything has been designed with extreme attention to detail and quality. Water resistance is guaranteed down to 50 meters.
With the launch of their first timepiece, the Windward TMAO1 V1, upsetting all the existing codes, MONTANDON&Co pioneers in using Bronze for the execution of a horological complication. This nod to a historical material from marine history is possible thanks to a specially developed alloy guaranteeing total electrochemical stability, further complemented with a bezel, pushers and guards in grade-5 titanium.

A particular secret for the owner of an Oceanrider TMA01 V1 is its specially designed ‘iris’, which mechanism that permits its adjustable opening, controlled via the secondary crown. When opened, the magnificent Flying Tourbillon at the heart of the movement is unveiled, and when closed, this watchmaking complication becomes a secret only known to the owner, perfectly protected from magnetic fields and hidden from view.


Iris Closing Feature

Sea-Faring Chronometer

Movement Visualization

Based on Montandon & Co. automatic flying tourbillon caliber with unusual annular rotor construction, our movements integrate new solutions and features. These were specifically invented and developed in the spirit of creating an ultimate 21st century sea-faring chronometer worthy of the exceptional marine chronometers from sailing’s golden history.

Inspired by a map’s compass rose, the movement’s style and finishing characterize a complete and original identity uniquely identifiable as MONTANDON&Co, setting a new aesthetic canon, never seen before.

Material Variations

For Every Occasion

As the common process in industrial and timepiece design, the final products bear several different outlooks and color combination.
That being said, we are presenting several different material and color combination that we have done for Montandon&Co. the Windward TMAO1 V1 timepiece. The other looks are presented at the beginning of the presentation through GIF animation.

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