Montandon&Co. Web


Website Design

The new Swiss brand, MONTANDON&Co, is driven by the personal passions and years of expertise built up by its founder, Daniel M. Montandon. He has taken up the challenge to create innovative and highly demanding Haute Horlogerie timepieces in service to those who are seriously involved in the world of international yachting, from Lake Geneva to the world’s oceans. After creating these marvelous timepieces, the next step was web presentation of his work and heritage, and for that purpose, Daniel has approached to us for creating the Montandon & Co. website, also driven by the world of seven seas and today’s luxury watchmaking.

The Seven Seas

Story Behind

Daniel M. Montandon’s passion for the nautical world was evident at an early age when he participated in his first regattas at the age of 12. Later, this passion would draw him into establishing a career in naval architecture during which he received international acclaim. During this period he collaborated with leading shipyards specialized in the construction of large modern yachts such as Perini Navi, inventing and developing numerous devices to improve the performance, safety and maneuverability of these tall ships. His fascination with the marine world extended his interests to include scuba diving, a sport in which he still participates during free moments in his busy schedule.

Graphical Identity

Colors, fonts, pages and a bit more

Inspiration and feeling of of superyachts and the world of marine sports and adventures is waved through out the complete website’s graphical identity. We have wanted to keep the simple and minimal look of marine white textures and wide spaces, and only to spiced it with a bit of deep open sea blues and light bronze details. Icons, details and fonts are also minimal and simplified, but still enriched with the feeling of complexity and boldness that lays behind these magnificent timepieces.

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