Predator 2.0 Animation

Rebellion Predator 2.0

Promotional Video

The aim of this project was to create visuals, both still and in motion that will alive Predator 2.0 Tourbillon in the brightest light possible. Predator 2.0 is the new series of Predator timepieces that bring dial complexity to the new levels. And to glorify this new design and technical achievement, Rebellion Timepieces has approached to us for making video presentation for BaselWorld 2017 – to show to the world what lays behind this great timepiece.

Main Actors

Timepiece / Rebellion Racing / Driver

Since all the Rebellion Timepieces holds car-racing DNA and design that is inspired by Rebellion Racing heritage, our idea was to combine all three elements into one animation: Predator 2.0 Tourbillon Timepiece, Rebellion Racing Car and Rebellion Driver. In this way, beside the timepiece, we also share the whole Rebellion micro-world to the viewers.

Environment & Beginning

Rebellion Car Garage

The story begins in Rebellion Racing Garage where also the rest of animation holds place. We have wanted from the very start to introduce the viewer to Rebellion world – to atmosphere and aesthetics of super-car racing industry and to the sounds of extreme machines.


Predator 2.0 Development & Production

The main scene and the biggest segment of the animation was set in Rebellion production lab – the place where the majority of Predator 2.0 elements are developed and produced. The automation lab consists of three robot arms and several conveyor belts that brings case and dial pieces for assembling. Furthermore, here we can see the physical, functional and aesthetic parts testing, and complete timepiece assembling. The concept behind lays in unbreakable bond between the man and machine, between the mass-industry fabrication and hand-made work.

The Beating Heart

Man & Machine

The final scene brings all sides together – the bond between Man & Machine – The Driver & The Beating Heart of Predator 2.0 Timepieces. Located at 6 o’clock, the tourbillon is a magnificent piece of mechanical art. A true rebel, it resists the laws of physics which threaten its accurate performance by compensating disruptions caused by earth’s gravitational pull.

Creative Process

The Project Workflow

As the common process in every animation building, a lot of different aspects need to click together for the successful outcome. And to achieve this, a solid structure need to be behind. Almost every animation starts with an idea, story board presentation, story refining and general sketching. Than, after the chosen scenes and cameras, the model building and rigging comes as the next step. Furthermore, animation testing and animatic serves to determine all the moves and needed assets for the final production. Textures, lights, materials and hdri building wrap all the previous work and open the stage for the rendering, editing, post-production and music recording – the final steps in usual animation building. That being said, we are presenting below some of the processes that we have recorded during Rebellion Predator 2.0 Video Presentation.