Rebellion T-1000

Visual Presentation

A timepiece manufactured for performance, the T-1000 is a fitting tribute to car racing. Its chassis is precision machined in a single block of titanium. The original and elegant curves of its body fully reveal the elite engine through sapphire crystal. And what an engine! Boasting a revolutionary patented energy distribution system, the T-1000 employs a power reserve of 1,000 hours. That is 40 days and 40 nights!

Case & Crown


A uniquely-moulded chassis manufactured from a single block of grade 5 titanium using high precision five-axis CNC machinery. Sapphire crystal hugs the engine’s magnificent contours and reveals its full array of original features.

Dial & Movement

T1k Engine Visualization

The superb, all-aluminium T1K engine is an original manufacture movement. So radically innovative that it required three years of research, development and adjustment. Exceptional with its rectangular and oversized silhouette. Exceptional with its design, completely deconstructing the conventional movement. Super lightweight, it exists in three dimensions, with vertical wheels and mechanical chain transmission. An absolute concentration of innovation and performance.

Lever & Barrels

Seamlessly integrated on the case, gently does it with the oversized lever. Wind the lever to empower the T-1000 with record 1000-hour endurance. Enjoy a subtle experience of power.​​​​​​​


Inclined 39 degrees to the watch and 90 degrees to the gears, this impressive balance refuses to follow convention.


Two microchains propel all power to the engine. Each with 182 elements along their 46mm length, they are the smallest mechanical chains in the world.

Material Variations

Ten different options

T-1000 has been produced in 10 different material and color combinations, varied from titanium black to natural titanium case and yellow gold. Regarding the aluminum movement chaises and rollers, the color pallet is even wider – going from pure black, through gold, red, green, blue and natural titanium grey. On top of it, the radiator and the mask around the balance also are made in various material options, giving to T1k almost the endless possibility for style and personalization.

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Timepiece textual descriptions has been used from Rebellion Timepieces website.