The Bleeding Heart


Fly by Night

By introducing the “Bleeding Heart”, limited edition of luxury watches, Tiret has sent an powerfull message for those who appreciate refined beauty and strong personality. We have worked with Daniel Tiret from very beginning of this timepiece creation. Several different directions and ideas has moved and tested until the “Bleeding Heart” saw the light. Furthemore, Stephane Webster, famous jewelry designer known for his extravagance style, gave invaluable contribution to the collection of these luxury timepieces.

Around the Sun

Case Design

The main concept for watch case was derived by client wish to produce watch with large and notable case. Case would be full-of details, precious stones and exceptional symbolizing elements. The form itself was inspired by planets orbit the Sun. The Sun is ultimate source of energy and center of our Universe. Everything revolves around it. Everything is in perfect balance and highly precised matrix. In our case, the Sun is represented by dial clock with analogue swiss made mechanical movement, with power reserve.

2 Dials

All all in Between

Dial design continues the concept that lays behind the case – the model of Solar system that is encapsulated within this timepiece. The small dial represent’s the Sun, Earth or any bigger planet that lure to it’s core, while the outer dial represents the emptiness of universe. This universe can be filled with any possible elements, such as other stars, smaller planets, moons, etc. On the other hand, the bigger dial can be also perceived as a container for any other small object, stone pieces or diamonds. One example of this direction we can see below with Stephen Webster;s “Fly by Night” concept.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Stone Setting

Combining the brilliance of diamonds and jewels with the innovation of rare decorative materials, this piece redefines term of luxury.

Process of adding layers and different decoration sets

Examples of endless possibilities how outer decorative circle could be treated

Fly by Night

Stephen Webster by Tiret

This motif is one of Stephen Webster’s best-known themes, but please don’t call the winged insects moths or butterflies. According to Stephen Webster, they are neither of the two. He likes them to be more enigmatically referred to as ‘night creatures’.

“Aware that watches are no longer the primary source for telling the time, our focus is on the design aesthetic. The crown has been developed with a stadium-like area surrounding a small automatic movement and dial. The stadium itself houses bejewelled thorn and night creatures, which are iconic to the ‘Fly by Night’ collection. It’s a contemporary jewellery watch collection with the beauty and edge synonymous with Stephen Webster.”

The watches are made in conjunction with Tiret, the New York-based watch and jewellery house, and the movements are Swiss mechanical self-winding or automatic, confirming the luxurious approach Webster has taken in developing these watches. Variants include black diamond or amethyst settings with a matching strap.






Fly By Night with White Diamonds

Fly By Night - Full White

Fly By Night with Black Diamonds